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Ceramic Tile Consultant

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2015 Tile Person Press Release
Company Profile:
With over 35 years experience as a residential and commercial tile contractor including the last 10 years as Executive Director of the industry supported Ceramic Tile Education Foundation Mr. Gobis is now available as an independent consultant. He offers extensive industry based experience in installation, testing, and standards development. He remains an active member of numerous standards committees and an industry consultant to the National Tile Contractors Assoication, The Tile Council of North America, and the Ceramic Tile Institue of America.
Mission Statement:
Provide solutions and answers to technical issues using a researched and fact based approach.
Services Offered
Confidential inspections for ceramic tile installations. Our on-site investigations support an unbiased analysis of the situation written in a confidential report with photographic documentation, when required.
Have worked extensively with attorneys, insurance companies, contractors, vendors and homeowners providing expert testimony and depositions
As with many specialized construction disciplines, we can review your plans and specifications to verify that they will meet your performance expectations.
Our continuing industry participation keeps us abreast of the latest industry standards, materials, and specification guidelines.
We offer forensic tile expertise in specification interpretation, sample testing, and repair recommendations. We use North America's leading ceramic tile
 testing facility, the TCNA Product Performance Testing Laboratory, to conduct necessary ANSI, ISO and ASTM tests.
All confidential recommendations and evaluations are based oninstallation methods outlined in the Tile Council of America's (TCA) Handbook for
Ceramic Tile Installation, including
American National Standards Institute Documents
ANSI A108 Standards for Ceramic Tile Installation
ANSI A 118 Standards for Installation Products
ANSI A137.1 Standards for Ceramic Tile Products
Testing methods by the American Society for Testing and Materials

And years of experience in the field.

Dave Gobis
7630 Douglas Ave.
Racine, WI. 53402